Welcome to the support area. On this page you can find informations, downloads, and frequently asked questions about Track.

Support - FAQ - Track

Q: What Operating Systems are currently supported?

A: Track supports Windows XP/Vista and W7 and Mac OS X 10.4 and up.

Q: Is Track a "Universal Binary" for Mac OS X?

A: Yes, it was compiled for both PowerPC & Intel Macs.

Q: I can’t add timing data because the timing button is disabled?

A: To enter new timing data you must enter all tire #.

Q: When I open the “Find tire” dialog I can’t see any data?

A: You must hit the “Find” button to list all tires or type a circumference (without fractions) and select a tolerance with the slider and hit the “Find” button

Q: I can't capture timing data, the "capture timing" button is disabled?

A: First you need to choose all four tires to capture timing data.Track keeps track of all tire runs so it needs the tire # to capture and store this information.circumference (without fractions) and select a tolerance with the slider and hit the “Find” button

Q: Where is the database located?

A: Tracks stores the data in the users preferences folder. On Windows 2000/XP systems you can find the database in your "application support" folder of your user folder. On Windows Vista and 7 Systems it is located in the Roaming folder of your AppData folder of your user folder. On Mac OS X systems it's in the "Application Support" folder located in the "Library" folder of your user folder.

Track - Downloads

Track 2 for Mac OS X (english)
MD5: 132339c8ff39bcee9065f944ab27cc5e

System requirements: Macintosh computer with PowerPC G4 or higher or Intel Core CPU running Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher.

Track 2 for Windows (english)
MD5: d9b821c46b8ed33a42f7054dd3a70009

System requirements: PC compatible Computer with Pentium 4 class processor or higher running Windows Version XP, Vista or 7 and Quicktime 6 or higher installed.

Track Pocket 1.0 for Windows Mobile (english)
MD5: 1cf51fc1bd7bf41f54ba4d2c26cf1d02

System requirements: Pocket PC powered PDA or Smartphone with QVGA screen resolution or higher running Microsoft Windows Mobile 2002 or higher. Synchronization Software for desktop computer not included.